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Dear Blog Reader,

Excuse the title pun, but we love our name- WOTR….

(For any newcomers, WOTR is Watershed Organisation Trust- a not-for-profit, non-governmental-organisation, founded in 1993, currently operating in five 5 Indian states – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

Do check out www.wotr.org for the detailed lowdown on all the stuff we are engaged in.)

So now, let’s get back to why we love our name… Apart from the fact that our journey began with Watershed Development, the acronym WOTR is the beginning of a question. A question is the beginning to finding solutions. And this quest pretty much sums up all our lives, doesn’t it?

WOTR’s quest began with the question:

WOTR the most intense and basic needs of village communities in India?

…which led to more questions:

WOTR the ways in which diverse sectors of village communities can be brought together to find organic, sustainable solutions to these issues?

WOTR the methodologies through which technical expertise can be combined with traditional knowledge systems to provide appropriate, locally accessible tools?

and many more…. The process of finding answers is continuous and colourful. We invite  your participation in this quest and can guarantee an exciting, enriching confrontation with a  host of questions- fundamental and difficult but inescapable and challenging.

(We wish we could invite other members of our planet’s ecosystem to participate here as well, but as of now, due to technical challenges, we are able to communicate only within the realm of homo sapiens sapiens,with internet access!)

The Watering Hole is an informal forum of expression. Along with hard hitting articles with stats and graphs, personal views, musings and confusions will be often observed and always allowed here.

Yours in good faith,

The WOTR Team

(PS: If you would like to see our serious (but always lively) side, please do subscribe to our e-Newsletter - ECOLOGIC. Our Audio-visuals can be viewed on our Youtube channel- WOTRINDIA.)


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